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Online: Leading with Literacy-PETAA 2022 Conference

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From babble to Batavia and beyond. Join us online in 2022 as we enter an exciting longitudinal journey of literacy development from earliest speech and phonemic awareness, through primary schooling to current expectations as students progress to  high school. The theme for PETAA’s  50TH year is Looking back- moving forward and this conference will focus on supporting students to develop strong communication and literacy foundations- from first speech, learning language through play and experimentation, to the skills needed in learning to read, then what is required when students read to learn.

Follow the journey necessary for our students to become individuals who can read, write and communicate to advocate for themselves and for the world around them. This conference will guide teachers through skills and strategies from students’ very first communications to learning to read.  Together, we will examine how students transition through the primary years to make use of their reading skills for learning (reading to learn).

Finally, we’ll chart their journey to the ideal end point: a community of young people who can read, write and communicate at a level that allows them confidently advocate for themselves and for the world around them.  This is a must for every educator- where have your students come from and where are they going? And how can you ensure they arrive at that desired end point?




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From Babble ( the beginning of language) , to Batavia ( reading unfamiliar, multisyllable words across subject areas ) and Beyond (the power of literacy to make a difference).

We have  a fabulous line up of experts over the two days including Prof Peter Freebody, Prof Peter O'Connor, Dr Martina Tassone, Dr Emilia Djonov, Taj Pabari, Ron Gorman, Dr Helen Harper, Dr Sarah Ohi, Dr Christine Edwards-Groves,  Robyn Wild, Dr Katherine Bates, Melanie McDonald, Dr Lorraine Beveridge, Dr Bronwyn Parkin, Jennifer Asha, Penny Hutton, Dr Pauline Jones, David Tran, Annette Gray, Dr Margery Hertzberg, Dr Gill Pennington, Kim Cootes, Dr Leonie Arthur, Dr Jennifer Way and more!


21/10/2022 8:30 AM - 22/10/2022 4:30 PM