The Primary English Teaching Association Australia (PETAA)

We are a national, not-for-profit professional association supporting primary school educators in the teaching and learning of English and literacies across the curriculum. We exist to support our members every day to teach:

  • using the latest curriculums and syllabuses
  • in diverse classrooms
  • using evidence-based strategies
  • using their own knowledge, skills and understanding of their students

PETAA sees teachers as experts who select and sequence content and learning activities in order to support learning that develops cumulatively over time. These sequences are initiated through teacher-directed explicit teaching of knowledge and skills, followed by guided practice that develops knowledge and skills so that students can operate independently. Throughout, teaching decisions are informed by on-going assessment of students’ progress.

We provide teachers at all stages of their careers with the knowledge and resources to enable them to make informed decisions to support their students’ learning.

PETAA has a range of professional membership options. Read more about becoming a PETAA member

What PETAA does

PETAA is one of the largest associations for primary educators in Australia. We are proud to include 40,000 educators across Australia in our member community. Working with a network of leading academics, educational and literacy consultants, and exemplary classroom teachers, PETAA supports primary school educators with:

  • research-based, classroom-focused print and digital publications and teaching resources
  • an extensive program of professional learning courses
  • partnerships and projects that deliver quality teaching and learning programs
  • advocacy for the professional interests of members and the wider community through active representation within a number of State and Federal education forums.
  • research — PETAA is actively involved with ongoing research that supports its professional work with teachers and educators. This includes the development of an independent, competitive research grant to further support the professional interests of members and the wider research community.


The Primary English Teaching Association (PETA) was formed in 1972 by a group of dedicated English teachers to promote literacy and English teaching in primary schools. The Association grew rapidly and was incorporated in 1982 as the Primary English Teaching Association, retaining this company name ever since.

In its 50 years, the association hasn’t changed its professional support for the teaching and learning of English and literacies across the curriculum, but it has sometimes changed the way it looks. PETA was known as e:lit from 2008-2011. In 2011, the change to the Primary English Teaching Association Australia (PETAA) was a reflection of its standing as a national association while connecting its past to its future.


Get a further overview of why we do what we do from the PETAA Strategic Plan.

PETAA is governed by a Board of Directors, and its operations are run by a small team of staff, headed by a CEO.

PETAA has a prestigious group of Life Members, who you can read more about here.