50th Anniversary Celebration Drinks, Dinner and Awards night

Celebrate 50 years of PETAA at a celebratory dinner after Day 1 of the Conference!

PETAA is proud to invite all corners of the Australian primary English teaching community to a can’t-miss night of well-deserved accolades, appreciation, and celebration as we gather together to thank you all for half a century of dedication to best practice in our collective quest to provide young people with a meaningful, powerful English, language and literacies education – a foundation for changing the world.

First, join us for drinks in the beautiful Refectory at the University of Sydney where you can connect with colleagues and peers.  Then, stay for dinner in that same stunning venue, where Jane Caro, best-selling author of The Mother and tireless advocate for all Australian teachers, will speak about the education sector and the critical role teachers play in our society.  

Rub shoulders with the best and brightest in the field at this event, held after Day>Leading with Literacy Conference, and learn which educators will be recognised in the PETAA Awards for Excellence in Primary English Teaching!


Join us for dinner


Why should you attend?

  • This is a dinner 50 years in the making. Celebrate with good food, great wine and excellent company: children’s authors and illustrators; curriculum setters and leading researchers; dedicated school leaders and educators; your colleagues, friends, and mentors.    
  • Make the most of the evening by attending in the way that makes sense for you: chatting at pre-dinner drinks or staying for the full dinner experience.
  • If you’re attending the PETAA 2022 Conference in-person, you’ll already be at the venue! Extend that invaluable professional discussion and reflection as you dine.
  • Take the opportunity to listen to honoured guest Jane Caro speak at our dinner in solidarity with your work: its challenges, its opportunities, and its incredible value. Hear about the innovators in your field as we present the inaugural PETAA Awards for Excellence in Primary English Teaching – and mingle with them over canapes and dessert!

Who should attend?

  •  Everyone in the sector dedicated to best-practice English and literacies teaching: association and non-profit sector employees; curriculum and instructional leaders; policymakers and advocates
  • Past and present classroom teachers and school leaders
  • Authors, illustrators and publishers who value their relationships with the primary education space
  • Primary education researchers and academics
  • Friends of PETAA: authors, presenters, contributors, partners and sponsors (including potential new friends!) Everyone with a past, present or potential connection with PETAA is welcome to celebrate this exciting event. 


Join us for dinner