New teacher essentials pack

New teacher essentials pack

About the bundle

Building your professional resource library for the very first time? Embarking on your teaching career? This pack is for you: the books and papers included within provide an essential guide for best-practice English and literacies teaching.

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Intended audience

  • Graduate teachers
  • Final year BA Education students
  • Principals (purchasing for their new graduate teachers)
  • Departments and Dioceses (enquire with us about bulk discounts!)

  • The books can each be bought separately following the links below:

    Assessment into Practice: Understanding Assessment Practice edited by Heather Fehring
    A new grammar companion for teachers 3rd Ed by Beverly Derewianka
    Exploring how texts work by Beverly Derewianka
    A literature companion for teachers 3rd edition by Lorraine McDonald
    EAL/D Handbook Edited by Helen Harper and Susan Feez
    The Alphabetic Principle and Beyond: Surveying the landscape Edited by Robyn Cox, Susan Feez, Lorraine Beveridge
    Early reading and music partnership by Lorri Beveridge
    PETAA PAPER 221 — Reading models: putting the jigsaw together by Bronwyn Parkin
    PETAA PAPER 228 — Teaching and learning with oral language by Bronwyn Parkin

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